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About Us

Escorted Travel Company (ETC) is a car rental company in Zimbabwe, brought into being in 2017. ETC comprises of highly competent, skilled and professional staff, who deliver high quality and the best of service to our clients.

Escorted Travel Company (ETC) has a wide variety of vehicles that suit each driving terrain and needs. Our vehicles include SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, mini-busses, luxury coaches, single cabs, double cabs, etc.


We have highly qualified and experienced drivers that may act as chauffer drivers for our vehicles. Our vehicles are maintained and serviced at the company’s workshop, which is located in Harare.


We have highly experienced and professional mechanics who service and maintain our fleet on a daily basis.


  • To become a leading tour operator with avant-garde, convenient and reliable services in Zimbabwe, whilst revamping and edifying our fleet with the latest and durable vehicles to meet and exceed the growing customer needs of the market we serve.


At Escorted Travel Company, we strive to provide undivided attention to our clients, so that we effectively service our market with excellence, transcendence and pre-eminence.


  • To ensure that our clients get the best value, quality and satisfaction from using our services.


  • To uphold and establish a high degree of right business ethics.


  • To develop a cordial relationship with our clients, partners and the community at both local and international level.


  • To promote, develop, improve and encourage tourism, tourist trades and all other means and ways of attracting tourists, travelers to Zimbabwe


Escorted Travel Company is a well-established, professional organization that have certain core values, which are at the heart of every activity. We have certain business values that act as a guiding philosophy when dealing with our customers, employees and the broader community, whilst uplifting the image of the company


  • Customer Care & Satisfaction
  • Mutual Respect & Understanding
  • Quality of service
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment and Integrity